Building physics and life cycle assessment calculations

Eco-Sai: The USai and Eco-bat software tools have been merged to facilitate the work of professionals in the building sector. The result is the first software that makes it possible to analyse the U valuethermal inertia and life cycle assessment of a construction (homogeneous and inhomogeneous).

Its intuitive interface and our outstanding customer support will enable you to quickly generate reliable results and realize projects on time along with cost savings.

FREE basic version!


Eco-Sai makes it possible to simply and quickly evaluate the characteristics of a construction during the draft stage or the project phase. Eco-Sai also provides valuable data to support the decision making process in building renovation projects.

Eco-Sai is connected to the product databases of several major building materials suppliers through the system.

Free version features:

  • Project concept management

  • Heat transfer coefficient calculation for both homogeneous and inhomogeneous walls, including effects of in-floor heating and plane air cavities (SIA180, EN ISO 6946)

  • Connection to the database

  • Results presented in both graphical and numerical form

  • Can calculate the annexes from the EN ISO 6946 (mechanical fixation and air)

  • Multilanguage capability: English, French, German, Italian

USai module 

Additional features in the USai module:

  • The dynamic thermal characteristics of the wall are accounted for according to the EN ISO 13786 standard (damping factor, dynamic heat transfer coefficient, thermal admittance)
  • Calculates the risk of internal condensation and the quantity of condensate according to the EN ISO 13788, EN ISO 6946 and SIA180 standards
  • Life Cycle Assessment calculation following the SIA2032 standard
  • Includes the Meteonorm monthly database which provides worldwide meteorological data to support the condensation calculations
  • SIA2028 meteorological data (monthly data)
  • Windows calculations
  • LCA materials calculations

ECO module

Additional features in the ECO module:

  • Building grey energy evaluation following Minergie-ECO® (2020,2016,2013,2011), DGNB, SNBS, SIA2040 and SIA2032 standards.
  • Eco-Sai can calculate the environmental impact of materials. This is done in a step by step manner as mentioned in the ISO 14040 standard and following
  • Eco-Sai allow to calculate the impact of the transport from the manufacturing plant to the construction site.
  • Technical system environmental impact (heat generation and distribution facility, sanitary and electrical installations, ventilation systems, thermal and photovoltaic solar collectors).
  • Eco-Sai can calculate energy – related impacts. The following six consumption categories can be configured: heating, domestic hot water, climatisation, ventilation, lighting and electrical equipment
  • Energy predimensioning. Users that do not have an energy simulation software can use the energy predimensioning Eco-Sai module.
  • Four reliable indicators for quantifying environmental impact: NRE, CED, GWP, and UBP.
  • Numerical and graphical results
  • Easy building comparisons
  • Impressions of graphical and textual reports