New features compared to : USai 3.0   |   Eco-Bat 4.0

New features compared to USai 3.0

  • The design and use have been improved:

  • Integrated the new standard EN ISO 13788 (2012) and SIA180 (2014).
  • Construction graphic displays have been improved. The displays are different for vertical (wall) or horizontal (floor/roof) surfaces:

  • Constructions and materials filters have been improved.
  • Layers options have been improved.
  • Supplier mechanical fasteners data can be introduced:

  • Latest version of KBOB life cycle assessment data has been integrated:

  • The news button is now active.
  • Windows U-value can now be calculated (the screens are similar to Lesosai). Windows screenshot:


New features compared to Eco-Bat 4.0

  • Minergie ECO 2016
  • DGNB
  • Construction editor: Same as the one used in USai. It is more powerful and easy to use, and has a better display:

  • Construction database: Eco-Sai now has a database of constructions that can be reused several times in the same project or even several different projects.
  • Eco labels following DGNB (SGNI) and SNBS:

  • Latest version of KBOB life cycle assessment data has been integrated. It is possible to switch between the different versions

  • Reports have been improved. There is a new report for Minergie ECO.
  • Warning note and ability to view news (such as updates) when the icon is green:

  • New materials and constructions databases.
  • Added all building physics functions.